A suitcase from Middle East

Moe Mustapha

Performance, music and text. English & Finnish & Arabic spoken, FI 2022, 20′

A performance project based on hybrid multimodal forms of voicing – written, sung, visual- to contemplate hyper-masculinity, violence and diasporic identity. The work is rooted in Moe’s own experiences. Born in Kuwait, Moe grew up in Amman – Jordan, was discriminated by society because he is a gay man, and struggled to fit in within his own family. Moe came to Finland in June 2010 and found himself stuck back in time trying to “re-member”, while attempting to re-form his own means of articulation and perception of himself in the present. Taking shape as poetic experimentation, Suitcase from the Middle East seeks to illuminate hauntings and regrets, memories and echo in the present, and open a path for acceptance.