video documentation

I see so much when I’m dying


video installation, stereo sound, FI, 2021, 15’, loop

Humorous material choices and comic strategies commonly associated with performance art and comedy examine traumatic fragmentation. Short video scenes incorporate funny and sometimes unsettling images of the artist’s fragmented body delivering a series of absurdist communications, with in the background a troubled landscape of lights and shadows revealing kaleidoscopic per-spectives. The installation sets a strange habitat composed of a forest of burnt trees, broken glass tops leaning on stones and whispering poems like a group of elephants mourning for their dead young.

The violence inflicted one someone usually occupies the whole mind. Duo varialambo build a fran-tic mise-en-scène that both explore the mechanism of dissociation and healing by making viewers fright and laugh.

Concept & Realisation varialambo
Director of Photography Shubhangi Singh
Lights Kristian Palmu
Editor Nuutti Koskinen
Photography Ulla Kokki
Music Valentin Kimstedt
Produced by PALO
With support from AVEK the Promotion Center for Audiovisual Culture, ARTSI Vantaa TaideMuseo

I SEE SO MUCH WHEN I’M DYING has been exhibited at the following locations:
ARTSI Vantaa Art Museum, Reciprocities, Vantaa (FI) 12 Febr-16 May 2021