development material

Queer Domesticity

Artor Jesus Inkerö

video installation, Finland, 2021, 25 min

A multi-phase project looking at the notion “home” from a queer perspective.

In a series of videos and installations comprising drawing and collages, Inkerö explores pre-organised structures that lie within foundational, seemingly benign yet imperceptible architectural and domestic forces that shape society and emerging identities towards the heteronormative nuclear family.

sample material

They use mimicry and parody to investigate who writes the “home” script, and how we read it. As the mocking bird does it, they satirise hetero-normativity and recapture the transgressive potential of being queer.

Script Artor Jesus Inkerö
Camera Kristoffer Ala-Ketola, Silvia Martes
Coach performance Ana Teo Ala-Ruona
Music Minna Koivisto,Artor Jesus Inkerö
Set design Paola Figueroa Guzman
Produced by PALO
With support from the Promotion Center for Audiovisual Culture AVEK, KONE Foundation

QUEER DOMESTICITY will be exhibited at the following locations:
WAM Wäinö Aaltonen Turku City Art Museum, “Queer” (FI) October 2021 (tba)