The Chainsaw man


livestreamed musical, English spoken, FI, 2020, 15 min

An immersive musical performance and fictional story made for an innovative online livestream format. Smillie and Jaw, two Characters coming from the 4th Millennium where violence is extinct, are chopping wood with chainsaws. They enter into an argument, in which they are confronted with violence inherited from the ancestors. In order to break from the cy-cle of violence repeating, they alternatively change into each other.

An endurance performance art as much as a live-action immersive theatre, the work asks: Why is the history of violence repeating? Are traumatic experiences past genera-tions going to be transferred into the future? What are the processes that people use to heal from their trauma and break form the repeating cycle?

Concept & Realisation varialambo
Director of Photography Shubhangi Singh
Sound Engineer Ali Akbar Mehta
Produced by PALO Productions
With support from KONE Foundation

THE CHAINSAW MAN has been live-streamed at the following locations:
Instagram and Youtube varialambo’s channels, (FI) 27 Aug 2020