Staande! Debout!

Anu Pennanen & Stéphane Querrec

film, color, 4:3, Sound Dolby Surround 5.1 French, Flemish spoken, English & Finnish subtitles, FI/ BE, 2012, 39’

What does it mean to be obsolete today? 2012, Vilvoorde, an abandoned industrial area in Flanders, Belgium. Felix is an ex-car factory worker. Fifteen years ago his employer suddenly announced the plant’s closure. In response 3100 workers went on strike, paralyzing Belgium for weeks. But what remains after solidarity and struggle? Based on true events, this fictionalized account follows Felix’s attempts to overcome forgetting and myth-making to make sense of the traumatic events.

Script Stéphane Querrec
Director Anu Pennanen
Director of Photography Irina Lubchansky, Pierre-Hubert Martin (assistant)
Sound Engineer Gilles Laurent
Production manager Francois Hoste – On Move Productions Brussels
Sound editor Titus Maderlechner
Editing Anu Pennanen
Color grading Martin Jäger
Produced by PALO
With support from AVEK, TAIKE, Niilo Helander Foundation, Stills Centre for Photography Edinburgh

Glasgow Film Festival, film premiere

STAANDE! DEBOUT! has been screened at the following locations:
Glasgow Film Festival (UK, World premiere) 22 Feb 2013, O’Ciné Multiplex Maubeuge (FR) 5 April 2013, Cinéma des Galeries Brussels (BE, Belgian premiere) 21 Oct 2013, Lens Politica Film Festival (FI) 24 Nov 2013, Café des Images Hiérouville St. Clair (FR) 20 Feb 2014, ICI Institute for Cultural Inquiry Berlin (DE) 16 July 2014, KIASMA-teatteri Helsinki (FI) 19 March 2016

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