Tristan and Isolde Aro

Tristan and Isolde Aro

“You made me whole. You made me find my purpose. I fell in love with you the second I held you in my arms. You were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen”.

One universal thing that everyone has in common: romantic love. But what if you don’t feel that way about anybody? “Tristan and Isolde Aro ” is a multidisciplinary research project that explores amatonormativity.

Artist Pinja Valja makes the film adaptation of the mother of love stories, Tristan and Isolde, and give it another twist. In the original story, the two mistakenly drink a love potion prepared for the king, fall deeply in love, and Tristan finds himself unable to start life anew without her. To the artist, Tristan and Isolde is about two figures who were never meant to be in love and were subjugated to. In the film, Valja foregrounds Tristan and Isolde’s whole spectrum of aromantic experiences and nuances, from no romantic attraction at all to varying levels and kinds of romantic feelings.  The objective is to put Love as the norm into question.

Date: 2024-2025

Producer: PALO

With the support of: AVEK – Kehittämö (Shortlist)

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