A Poem to Read when I’m Gone

A Poem to Read when I’m Gone

“Welcome to the limbo of our society”.

A man—be he Syrian, Afghan or Kurd—flees from a refugee centre at the former Berlin Tempelhof airport. From then on, he lives alone between the lockers at train stations, unobserved by passers-by, barred from life by fences. He murmurs a poem that, like an incantation for a better life, accompanies his bleak existence. Anu Pennanen makes a cautious and gentle approach to a dull reality that can only be endured thanks to the forces of poetry.

Date: 2020

Producer: PALO

Produced with support of: AVEK Audiovisual Culture- TAIKE The Arts Promotion Centre Finland – VISEK and Alfred Kordelin Foundation.

Screenings: KINO DER KUNST film festival and art exhibition Munich, Cinema Orion Helsinki in cooperation with AV-Arkki.

Watch an excerpt here.

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