Wind As Context

Wind As Context

“Why can’t we see an equivalence between all forms of life, where others would see the lack of life?”

Winds can’t be captured: never making the same movement twice, wind is a constant improviser and player of landscapes. ‘wind as context’ is an audiovisual artwork by Antye Greie-Ripatti – aka AGF – exploring matter, wind movement and the limits of Capitalocene while addressing these philosophical issues. It utilises real-time image production with Self Organising Maps – known as SOM or Kohonen maps – in order to script different wind scales and regimes. As such, SOM are unsupervised machine learning algorithm, echoing the unpredictable nature of the wind and “collaborating” with it. The artist also deploys acoustic elements such as field sound recordings, and sound generation, including with her own body in the landscape. This experimental approach is to AGF the equivalent of an Audiovisual Calligraphy.

Date: 2024-2025

Producer: PALO

With support of: AVEK

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