The Book of Reconciliation

The Book of Reconciliation

“Feeling thankful that I am still breathing”.

THE BOOK OF RECONCILIATION is an experimental animation work by Oscar Chan Yik Long considering relationships between somatisation and the altering or obliteration of Hong-Kong’s memory, through the lens of queer narrative. Since departing for exile in Finland in 2019, Oscar Chan has suffered from somatic disorders: his stomach, heart, liver, and lungs are dysfunctional. By subverting the tradition of the literati, who used ink and brush in calligraphy and landscape painting, Oscar narrates the stories of his own Organs reckoning with political revisionism and its physical consequences, and ultimately longing for reconciliation.

Date: 2024

Producer: PALO

Exhibition: PF25 Geneva. Curator: Angelika Li (dates tba)

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