A poem to read when I’m gone

Anu Pennanen

film, color, 16:9, Sound Dolby Surround 5.1. English spoken, English & Finnish subtitles, FI/ DE, 2019, 28’

A man, perhaps Syrian, perhaps Afghan or Kurd, runs away from a refugee centre in Berlin’s former airport Tempelhof. Surviving from winter to summer, he finds himself locked outside in limbo. Neither documentary nor fiction, the film speculates over our mediated relationship to reality when we try to represent it. By appropriating the re-sources of lyricism the man’s lament reveals the horror of his clandestine condition, but also presents itself as the slow construction of a protest of being made an undesirable.

Script Stéphane Querrec
Director Anu Pennanen
Director of Photography Katharina Diessner; Isabel Alvarez
Sound Engineer Pelle Venetjoki
Production manager Elisa Rosi
Sound editor Pelle Venetjoki
Editing Anu Pennanen
Cast Korkmaz Arslan, Yazmeen Baker
Produced by PALO
With support from AVEK, TAIKE, VISEK, Alfred Kordellin Foundation

KINO DER KUNST, film opening, 2020

A POEM TO READ WHEN I’M GONE has been screened at the following locations:
KINO DER KUNST film festival and art exhibition, International Competition, Munich (DE, World premiere) 27 Oct-01 Nov 2020, Cinema Orion, Helsinki (FI, National premiere) 26 Febr 2020