video documentation

In Relief

Anu Pennanen
in collaboration with Vladislav Delay

Sound stereo. No language. FI/ CH/ RU, 2021, 8,26’

A series of sound relief works on the topic of Time, in which Pennanen examines poetically the overlap and layers of past, present and future in specific locations. Based on field recordings, electronic musician Vladislav Delay (Sasu Ripatti) composes an electroacoustic sound composition to be experienced via a streamable and downloadable file on iphone/android. The aim is to create an immaterial monument of the small anonymous corners of everyday life in a place; of back page of History. The first In Relief is made in DK Gaza, St. Petersburg in context of Festival Art Prospect. The second In Relief is made on site of La Rasude in Lausanne in context of Labor Lausanne.

Concept Anu Pennanen
Sound composition Sasu Ripatti aka Vladislav Delay
Co-Productions BIVOUAC- Labor Lausanne / CEC ArtsLink / PALO
With support from TAIKE, FRAME Contemporary Art Finland, The Finnish Institute in St. Petersburg, Connecting Points Finland-Russia exchange, HIAP
Documentation Michael Hartwell

IN RELIEF is presented at:
Public Art Festival Art Prospect 2021, Labor Lausanne 2021